Sabtu, September 10, 2011


What I did, I lost ... hew… kidnapped by ghost and sleep at the weird world? Lol -_-“
Yeah after long time no see, no write, seems no doing useful something, I thought why I cant just to be more productive so I made some handmade stuffs…

See, first, cute flower … At first I wanna put it on my motorcycle key, but suddenly I change my mind and put it on my new purple school bag. Isn’t it cute? Kawai … ^^

The second one I made, the pathetic doll ever… ha…
Somehow It looks like voodoo doll, but can you remember who it looks alike? Yeah, it’s look like Pon at PonZi my favorite comic character ^^, but I cant said it really Pon, even if it’s blue but the eyes black not white, and he really pathetic… He said “See, I take my heart off to give it for you, but now I know it just vain because you can’t take it, I have no idea how to put it back so I just bring it in my hand”

Then (almost forget) about this box... one day I cleaned my room and found this milk box just already empty, when I wanna put it on trash suddenly I thought why I have to throw it away, I can make something, and here ... Haha, just simple one, but it useful right...

The next one, a bow brooch! I can put it on ‘bandana’ or on the veil, or my shirt. I love this one too J

It’s really fun when you can see what you made is cute, yeah everyone couldn't buy it anywhere so I can make them envy …. Haha *EvilGrin

But I can see, I'm not an expert, everything I made just in a mess T_T" ... and when I made, my room just in a mess too XD

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