Sabtu, September 10, 2011

Hello Campus

Okay, it will be my last post tonight... *Put my fingers up* ^^V swear....
Pathetic huh? I can't feel time goes by.... It's already (all of sudden) two months after last day I went to campus for exam and last day at 4th semester then tomorrow Monday will comes again as 5th semester student... And I don't prepare anything... Such a fail -_-"

Okay *karena galau* so I take some photos few times ago for my preparation to campus... What what, it just some outfit -fail again, it's exactly not a fashion blog, gawd- but yeah... wanna share little :)

Mom's veil (I always use head-cover or veil when going outside :) ), dark pink shirt [I don't really know the name of this color, just pink maybe] the shirt just cute, it has a ribbon belt around the waist. Green safir ring, gift from my auntie who had been from mekkah few days ago for umroh, green bandana and bow brooch (made by myself ^^ as well the bow brooch)

Sorry for lame picture, I don't really know why resolution just changed anyway :(, and ignore the mess room haha... Shirt and skirt are old, tight shirt and my mom's skirt yeah ^^, pink glasses (I use glasses :p ), and a pink lace that I put on my hand as accessories

Here... I love this shoes, nice shoes, Merk : Yongki Komaladi, I bought it in cheap cost when they had opened "the sale" haha ... *always have the girl taste for shopping

Ignore the mess... That such a hell XD *just shame......

Purple purple purple XD

Just simple head-cover without any accessories but the pink lace that I tied on ^^, Purple and pink just cute (I love full-color)

The last, pink veil with green "bandana". Sometimes I just getting bored with usual veil-style so I make the new. Ahhh if you never use, you won't see how it changed.. haha .... but I still love it XD

See... yeah, I ready for campus tomorrow Monday XD ... and okay, I have to comeback for my paper, -Horrison about Osteoporosis and Surgical principle Orthopaedics wait for me yeah...--- See ya later ^^

*WetKiss to screen hahaha....

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