Sabtu, September 17, 2011

My Missing Puzzle

So many things I wanna write but when I faced my laptop it just gone away..... -_-"

okay! Let's do
Let's think like an adult, at least oh  ... come on let's think like a nineteen years old experienced girl!

-stuck for ten minutes-

uh... yeah well today or... what it exactly said!

Note : I don't need more evidence, okay, I have ear for hearing, I have eyes for seeing, I have heart for feeling, I hear, I see, and I feel. It's clear enough! You already stopped it, it's me who have to follow you stopping. I know, what I have to do, I can't to get out, I trapped, okay I know, so, now I have to take out my heart keep it again on the ice box, keep the feeling freezing, let my body here as a friend, let my mind for inspiring, and help my soul to runs away by your side. Ssshhh.... It doesn't really over, but I try to make it over, stay there and keep your girlfriend well, that what friend has to say, right? okay ..... I know I just hurt, pain, break in pieces, but let see, I still alive, I survive, well, yeah now I'll stay live, and take the rest of my precious life to continue everything. So, I'll be fine!

Somehow, I miss you, I know you miss me as well but... Miss sometimes doesn't mean wanna meet and repeat...

that's not a big deal for me... anymore!

The point is .............

Let give some attention!
point 1 --- I'm the limited puzzle
point 2 --- I'm extremely perfection voter for mate
point 3 --- I never stay to fall in un-serious relationship
point 4 --- I'm such a bad ass scandalous loner girl
okay! everything is clear!
I had ever falling in love with someone, but he doesn't make me complete, he is the wrong part for my life with his bossy-man personality, before we take the risk for will-end-up-broke relationship, I leave... Then after few months, I found that man, he's not a boy, he's a man, suitable for my perfection mind, his mind really for-future-minded , kinda bad little (I love that), not bossy, fine friend, but the one problem is, he doesn't love me when I loved him, and I doesn't love him when he loved me, the evidence that make me sure that we won't completing each other, we have no destiny to be together. For the same choice, I leave!

It hard at first, but .... I'm fine and now, it feels easy

Then, after years goes by since the last time I felt in love... I found him!
point 1 --- He's the limited edition missing-puzzle
Point 2 --- He's extremely perfection as well
Point 3 --- He's a serious person in friendship
Point 4 --- He's such a bad ass scandalous loner boy
Okay, everything complete --- I was thought---
One day, I fall in love with him, then he makes me feel completely complete, he exactly suitable with my empty-part on my puzzle, I love his good and bad personality and love how he try to be honest person. We have same mind. Everything seems perfect, it was looks perfect. After I gave attention for one thing, he just already becomes someone else missing-puzzle, he already makes complete another girl, he already makes that puzzle fix, he can't move or that puzzle will mess up again.

And then... I listened the wrong-sign bell rang.. Tetottt..... Wrong person! uh-oh... Fail!

I give more attention.
Okay, we're suitable, okay we're can complete each other, okay we love each other ... But, it's not fair for another puzzle. I'm the puzzle too, I know how it feels. I know how it feels when the perfect life that you thought just happened all of sudden getting messy because of the wonder limited women in other side, that's fail.............

I give more heart.
Okay, we can be still friend

I give more more attention and I realize, it just me who try to talk with myself to give confident to stay away! Complicated huh...

I give attention again. I look deeply, when we were together, yes I felt complete but, it just in a glance, when I saw it again and again, I know the shape of the puzzle was complete but not the picture. I need triangle and you're triangle, I need square and you're square, I need prism and you're prism, but the picture is wrong, I need yellow but you're orange -the orange one is she-, I need the last part of beach picture but you're the last part of mountain picture -the mountain picture one is she-, I need a part for a princess with pink dress picture, yes you're, you are the last part of the princess picture but with the withe dress, not pink -see it- the princess picture with white dress one is she-

Everything clear now, we're suitable in shape but the color just wrong!

I never know if it will forever or someday your color changes, whatever . Now, I wont make that perfect puzzle mess up. Stay calm...

-It's easy to say but hard to do-
I know you already know it since long long time ago and how fail I just realize it few times ago after I saw both of you went together (and saw how suitable both-of-you are like adam and eve, romeo and juliet). At least I try and I success to try, it just need time to do....

I still believe that we fated to be together, I still believe that we're layla and majnun, I still believe that someday I can hold your hand tightly without guilty feeling, I still believe I love you but............

Yeah I had ever said few years ago "Don't ever hurt her, I'm a woman too, I know how it feels, don't ever try to hurt her or I'll kill you" I said that as a warm-heart friend, I don't know if you remember or not, but now how surprise that I am the one who can be the reason she's hurt, sorry to say but that rule still rule! "Don't ever hurt her, take care your girlfriend" that what friend has to say...

I love you, and I love how she loves you or you love her. Somehow it hurts but I love you two! Stay with that serious love, or I'll getting upset to see what I try to make up just get a mess!

and keep it in your head, once I know that both of you getting mess again and being hurt, you won't ever can stop or runaway from me, I'll take my chance to get you as my damn-missing-puzzle, I won't be the warm-heart friend like this twice, just once .... You know how evil I can be!

From Your dearest friend, the-missing-puzzle-hunter

For, my dear, my missing-suck-puzzle

Stay believe in friendship! Fate just God knows! That's the point at all...
Keep missing me, I keep missing you, keep loving me, I keep loving you until the time comes and .... make it can be learned!

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