Sabtu, September 10, 2011

The Queen Bracelet

Woa…… it already 10 September 2011 and my post only two, two lame post that I don’t know exactly wkwkwk….
Sorry it seems my brain was stolen by something or what, I don’t know (still can feel the effect at all XD help!)

Few days ago I just hanged around at Pasar Martapura, alone… *I enjoy hanging around alone by the way** J… yeah after long long holiday, It seems I need more stuff to buy, for no reason suddenly getting ‘laper mata’ and went to ‘diamond shop’ a.k.a pasar intan and then again for no reason (I’ll always like this if I going to somewhere without any clear purpose, just follow my heart, haha, I’m look geek huh) came to ‘Kalimantan’s shop’

Guess what just I found, voila…. I found the super cute and elegant bracelet. At the first I though it too ‘adult’ and ‘crowded’ for me, but after I took it on my hand, oh my good, it’s really queen’s bracelet XD

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