Senin, Februari 07, 2011

Rainy Night by Junsu TVXQ

Rain in my heart,
The tears won't stop, tonight
In the end, you left me behind, like something temporarily forgotten...
I miss you

* This world without you trembles in the dark
It'd be nice if this was all just a dream
Though I want to see you, oh my girl
The reason I can't meet you
Is because I don't want to hear your goodbye

Baby I still love you

Don't cry anymore,
You're always being a crybaby
And even that part of you is so sweet
Now someone else, not me,
Is wiping away your tears

But I love you, you're unforgettable
Alive only in my memories,
This feeling is forever
Your scent from that day we embraced will never leave my body
Baby I still love you

I can't take it off, this cross on my chest with your name engraved on it
Baby you're my love

* Repeat

Even now, I love you
(Baby I still love you)
You're unforgettable

I'm just living in memories
This feeling will last forever
Even if ceaseless rain falls on my heart alone,
Eternally drenching it
I can't say "goodbye" cause I love you

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