Jumat, April 15, 2011

how I love Pon And Zi and How my love like Pon for Zi

I love Pon and Zi
and how their loving each other
It's too much cute
makes me smile sometime but more than it makes me wanna crying :')

Pon : the loving one (boy/yellow)
Zi : The silent one (girl/blue)

I hope now that I took it out, you'll keep it cuz i don't have a clue how to put it back :(. And if you don't want it cuz it's full of blood, don't worry cuz I can wash it off and put a ribbon around it. Anyways just wanted to say I love you .... By the way I'm about to faint, so take it fast! T_T

I love you like Pon love Ziiii ..... It's okay I become the boy and you're the girl ....
Changing rules is fun sometimes :'(

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